Summer Camp


We are very happy to announce that due to the success of last nine summers, we will be having our Montessori Summer Program!

So with this in mind, that we are excited to announce the information about our summer camp program.  

Even though it is cold, gray and wet outside, it is time to start thinking about…SUMMER! Here at Norwood Montessori School, we have been thinking a lot about the nice warm weather and all the fun things that we want to do this summer (Lots of wishful thinking on these cold, wet days).  So it is with great anticipation (and hope for warm weather), that we are excited to announce the information about our upcoming summer camp program.

 N.M.S.’s summer camp is a great way for your child to have fun, learn and stay in a familiar environment, with familiar people. For our current children, they are able to continue to grow, learn and explore in a comfortable atmosphere, while the new children get to meet new friend, get to know the teachers, and get to know our school routine. Our summer camp is a fun filled program with strong Montessori AND educational overtones. All the children that come have had a great time while learning lots of new information!

 As the children, had so much fun last year doing their world trip, we felt that we should build off of that. So, this year, we are going to travel around the worlds Biomes (while staying here at NMS of course)! What is this you ask? Well, every week we will visit a different environment and explore the different ways of life for the, plants, animals and people that are part of that world. This will be done by studying the lifestyles of that region through stories, activities, crafts and food. Every week they will get a booklet from the biome that they will be exploring and by the end of the summer they will have a great collection from around the whole world! This will be a fun way to learn about the biomes of the world while having some summer fun!

 The weeks are listed below with a description of what is planned. As before, we will be offering a few different times, and be offering sibling discounts. We will offer a 9 – 12, 9 – 2, 9 -3:30 and then extended care for those that need it from 8 – 9 and 3:30 – 5:30. This program is open to all of our Montessori students and their siblings 2.9 to 12 years old, our incoming families and if room, other Montessori children from local Montessori schools.

 The full day children will have time in the gym or outside and swimming and every Friday we will do a fun food project to end our week. The cooking projects will revolve around where we are in the world!

 Our weeks and theme are:            

June 19 – 23 –Team Exploration!: We will start off our summer camp by getting ready to travel! We will look over the places we are going to visit, make the essentials to take, such as a journal, a trip bag and of course snacks to eat along the way! This is a fun way to start the summer by playing and making crafts while we learn about what are Biomes and what is so important about them! This is a great week to start, even if you cannot do the whole summer, yet you do not NEED to worry if you cannot do this week as you can still join us for other weeks and still learn lots.

June 26 – 30 – Grasslands: This week we will be off to explore the Grasslands of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa! We will talk about the different animals that you will find in these places and the people that live there. How does the weather, animals and terrain affect their lives?

July 10 – 14 –Forest Life: Be it a Temperate Forest or a Rain Forest, it is teaming with life! Explore the great Forests of earth and look at all the wonderful animals, insect and Human inhabitants of these great Biomes.  

July 17 – 21 –Wetlands: During this week we will check out all the different wetlands around the world and see what lives there and how that topography effects the plant and animal life that inhabit it. I see snakes, Alligators and insect!

July 24 – 28- Oceans: Since we are already wet, why not dive in and take a swim? This week we will learn about the different Oceans and the animals and plants that live in it and the people that live on it!

July 31 - August 4TUNDRAS: Well, since we studied waterways, why not go to the end result of frozen water? This week we will go down to the bottom and up to the top of the world and explore the frozen tundra. What can survive here and how? How cold is too cold and is there anything that likes all that cold? Come and join us this week to cool off during our hot summer and learn about life on the coldest yet driest parts of our world.

August 7 –11: Desert: From one dry place to another! BUT this one is HOT, HOT, HOT! Now we well go to the opposite side and see what likes the heat and who lives here. How hot is too hot and does anything like all that hot dry air? Join us for a fun week studying all that heat and what is needed to cool down.

August 14 –18: Mountains: And to wrap it all up, Mountains! Sometimes they are Cold and sometimes they are warm, let us explore the higher up regions and see who, how and what lives at some of our highest spots on Earth. We will have fun learning about wat it takes to survive in this ever-changing environment.

If you are interested in summer camp please fill out the Summer Camp form & return it to me with a non refundable check for $50.00 per week / per child to hold your spot. Balance is due June 1st (two weeks before camp starts). We hope to see everyone there & are planning to have a lot of fun
 This camp must comply with the regulations of the MA Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health.

 If You are interested in Summer Camp, Please fill out the Summer Camp Form and return it to the school.
If you are new to the school, please also fill out the  Summer Enrollment Form   and return it to the school with the Camp Form. 

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