We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Norwood Montessori School!

We are so happy to have chosen Norwood Montessori School for our children. Tristan (4) & Damia (3) love going to school every day.

Tristan is challenged to do new things and explore his interests and he's really excited about what he learns. Because of the unique setting that allows him to work at his own pace, he engages with kids his own age as well as older kids which exposes him to many new ideas and opportunities.

Damia was very quiet and shy prior to starting, but instead of forcing her to engage with everyone, the teacher's let her get comfortable her own way and she has really blossomed into a confident preschooler. She has friends that she looks forward to seeing every day and loves to bring home the pictures and schoolwork that she's done.

We are looking forward to many happy years with our kids in this wonderful school!

Stacy and Mike Crosby

 “We joined the Norwood Montessori family 6 months ago when our daughter was 4.5yrs and our son was 3yrs.  We have been extremely happy with the program since the first day.  The teachers are warm and nurturing, and the curriculum is fun and engaging.  Both children are excited to go to school each day and we look forward to watching their confidence and excitement for learning, continue to grow in the future.”  – David and Michaela Silva

"I love the atmosphere and education style. While playing they learn so much" - Alka S.

  "We love it here!" - Kristin M.  

  "I really like that everyone is doing what they want at their own pace,  but there is no running around or loud playing. It is a learning environment but more relaxed and comfortable" - Cheryl B.  

  "I like the "respect" atmosphere, where teacher and students work TOGETHER." - Tracy D.  

  "The classroom setting is very calming. The children work independently, but also together. The teachers travel from group to group, but let the children discover on their own." - Sandra K.  

 "The classroom allows for individual growth and development in a peaceful learning environment.  All the teachers are kind and helpful.  Both our sons have excelled in this classroom.  Our older son will be so well prepared for 1st grade next year!  We couldn't be happier." - Mirliani Family

 Children are very engaged and happy. Lots of one on one attention.

 – Cotman Family

 The students are very helpful to each other and are very sharp which shows that they are getting excellent attention from their teachers. The atmosphere is completely different from other preschools. The curriculum is excellent! – Lakshmi

 A very caring and warm environment where my daughter thrived!

 – McGillicuddy Family

 Warm, educational, child-centered environment. – Rogers Family

 “This is the best school EVER! – Lindsay – a child

 The atmosphere of the school is very impressive and the staff are very informative and cheerful. Best environment for a child’s overall progress. – Shilpa T


 "Norwood Montessori School - where the love of learning begins". This is the first line on the school website. We didn't pay much attention to it back then, but now we do realize how true it is. Our daughter has been a student at NMS and we have seen her grow - in her self-confidence, curiosity and an innate yearning to learn.

She constantly surprises us with the actual depth of her learning and understanding of any subject. NMS has provided her with an atmosphere where is she appreciated for who she is and challenged to best herself. All the teachers are just wonderful and are completely committed to bring out the best in each child.

  - Mallavarapu Family




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