Summer Camp Time!

Even though it is February, it is time to start thinking about Summer Camp! We have been very busy these past few weeks planning some great summer fun; and we are happy and excited to present our upcoming summer camp program.

N.M.S.’s summer camp is a great way for your child to have fun while learning in a familiar environment. Our children continue to grow, learn and explore in a comfortable atmosphere, while they meet new friends, get to know the teachers better, and get to know our school routine. The summer camp is a fun-filled program with strong Montessori AND educational overtones. All the children who come have a great time while learning lots of new information!

Since we are at a new location and are busy growing, we decided to add more fun, yet educational programing to our Summer Camp. This year for camp, we will be exploring STEAM!

  • Science – We will be having fun with chemistry, polymers, and exploration!
  • Technology – Programing, coding, and fun!
  • Engineering – What makes a bridge stay up? Why are bridges different? What is a keystone?
  • Art - Who is Van Gogh? What is Modern Art? What is theater production? Can we put on a play?
  • Math – 2+2 = 4 but is there more? How does math effect our everyday lives? Cooking is Math?

All of these areas will be touched on throughout our camp with fun lessons, games and projects. All with a fun-filled weekly theme. The weeks are listed below with a general description of what is planned but more fun activities will be added as we get closer to the summer.

This year we will be offering classes geared towards different age levels! We will have an older toddler/ Preschool group, a Primary group and one to two school age groups. All the sessions will be taught at an age and skill appropriate level, this way everyone is learning at a pace meant for them.

As before, we will be offering a few different times, and be offering sibling discounts. We will offer a 9 – 12, and a 9 -3:30 and then extended care for those that need it from 8 – 9 and 3:30 – 5:30. This program is open to all of our Montessori students and their siblings (2 to 13 years old) our incoming families, and if there is room, other children from local Montessori schools.

Our weeks and theme are:

  • June 18 – 22 – Is it Art or is it Science? BOTH – Come explore a week of Explosive Art! Let’s have fun learning about art, artist and the fun of creating.
  • June 25 – 29 – Flights of Fancy – This week we will be learning about flight, aerodynamics, and planes! What does it take to fly?
  • July 9 – 13 – All the World is a Stage! – Let’s learn about the joy of the theater and the fun of a play. Be it a puppet show or a skit, let’s have fun exploring our dramatic sides!
  • July 16 – 20 – We will Dazzle you with Science! – This week we will learn about polymers by making slime, silly putty and Flubber! And how about we grow a crystal garden?! It is all in the name of Science!
  • July 23 – 27 – To Float or Not? – What makes things float? Why do big boats float? What can I make that floats
  • July 30 - August 3 – Let’s have fun in the Kitchen! - We will explore and learn about cooking and creating fun foods that the children can make and have fun eating!
  • August 6 –10 – Let’s try to Program! – We will have lots of fun with robots and making our Cubbeto do tricks!
  • August 13 –17 – Bridges! – Why are there so many different types and what is so special about them? What can we learn from them and can we make them better?
  • August 20 – 24 – Wrap up our Summer! – We will spend our last week of camp doing some of our favorite activities that we learned during the summer. Come join us for the best of the best week!

If you are interested in summer camp please fill out the attached form & return it to me with a non-refundable / non-transferable check for $50.00 per week / per child to hold your spot. Balance is due two weeks before camp starts (June 1st). To make sure we are able to offer camp to all the NMS families who are interested, I need everyone who is interested in camp to let me know as soon as possible. We hope to see everyone there & are planning to have a lot of fun.

This camp must comply with the regulations of the MA Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health.