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We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Norwood Montessori School!

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David and Michaela Silva

“We joined the Norwood Montessori family 6 months ago when our daughter was 4.5yrs and our son was 3yrs. We have been extremely happy with the program since the first day. The teachers are warm and nurturing, and the curriculum is fun and engaging. Both children are excited to go to school each day and we look forward to watching their confidence and excitement for learning, continue to grow in the future.”

Mallavarapu Family

"Norwood Montessori School - where the love of learning begins". This is the first line on the school website. We didn't pay much attention to it back then, but now we do realize how true it is. Our daughter has been a student at NMS and we have seen her grow - in her self-confidence, curiosity and an innate yearning to learn.

She constantly surprises us with the actual depth of her learning and understanding of any subject. NMS has provided her with an atmosphere where is she appreciated for who she is and challenged to best herself. All the teachers are just wonderful and are completely committed to bring out the best in each child.

Very Happy Parent

"Our 10 year old son is in his third year of the elementary program at Norwood Montessori School. He began attending after his second year in public school, which was second grade. The public school system in our town has always had an excellent reputation; so good that our town population has grown tremendously because of the amount of families moving in specifically because of the school system. However, when he was in the first grade, Common Core moved in. Thankfully his teacher was very old school and fought the change as much as she could get away with, but there were still changes that she couldn’t prevent. Testing began in the spring of his first grade year, and for the first time our learning loving boy (who up to that point would cry when it was school vacation time because he didn’t want a week off) said, “I don’t want to go to school today”. Not only had the way he was taught math completely changed into something close to impossible to figure out (for him and us), he was suddenly being told he wasn’t reading fast enough and being given test after test to determine if he was where he should be by the end of his first grade year. He was 6 years old. By second grade, we knew we needed to make a change. The testing increased. The pressure of reading quickly and solving math problems quickly increased. The amount of homework was absurd, and many times included lessons they had not even been taught. There was no learning, only memorizing. Rather than being taught a curriculum, the children were being taught how to take tests (which many of the teachers were not happy about, either). Our son went from a little boy who loved to learn to a little boy who was doubtful of himself and stressed out daily. My stomach would hurt every day at pick up because I knew he was going to feel lousy about some inconsequential thing that was made into a huge deal by his teacher. We needed to find a way to bring his love of school back, to fulfill his love of learning and of knowledge. I started doing my homework and learned that a Montessori education sounded like a perfect fit for him. I didn’t think that Montessori education went past kindergarten, so I was ecstatic to find the elementary program at Norwood Montessori School.

The education that our son has received at Norwood Montessori School is incomparable. The small class size provides an almost one on one type learning environment, which would never happen in a public school classroom of 30 kids. In a Montessori classroom, children are given the opportunity to learn at their own speed. If they are excelling at math, they are able to go ahead what the normal public school curriculum would allow. If they are struggling with math, they are given the opportunity to learn at their own speed until they understand it. This gives them the opportunity to understand mathematical outcomes rather than just memorizing it so they can quickly move on to the next lesson. The knowledge that is instilled isn’t forgotten by the time the next lesson begins. I can remember saying that our son shared more knowledge with us in the first 6 months at Norwood Montessori than he did in both first and second grade combined. He loves to learn, and is able to do that in his classroom. Mr. Mike is a parent’s dream; he is incredibly intelligent, creative, and is quite possibly the most patient person we have ever met. I don’t think the kids even realize that everything they do throughout the day is a lesson because it is so enjoyable. Our son’s handwriting has improved, his love of reading has grown and he is doing really well with algebra, which is not something his public school friends have started yet. His focus has improved, his confidence has returned, and he continues to be the kind, compassionate boy he has always been. The only thing he missed about public school was the cafeteria (and he only bought lunch once a week, he brought it every other day), and Pizza Fridays have been the solution to that problem. On top of the joy of having pizza, the elementary children help cut up fruit and vegetables to go along with everyone’s lunch. What a confidence builder, to be trusted with such an “adult” job. After lunch, they add the scraps to their compost bin outside. Everything these kids do at Norwood Montessori School is a learning lesson.

All of the teachers at Norwood Montessori School do what they do because they are passionate about teaching, and they love our children. They care about helping them become intelligent, kind members of our society, and they invest a good part of themselves for that to happen. I am thankful every day that we found them."

Peter and Andrea DiGiulio

"My daughter attended Norwood Montessori School last year. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program.
It was by far, the best year of my daughter’s preschool career (three years total). The teachers were so nurturing and cared for the whole person, not just the focus on academics or social skills. I saw my daughter’s confidence skyrocket! She would come home everyday from school so enthusiastic about what she had learned for the day and so eager to tell me about all the activities.

I loved the set up of the classroom, the “homey” feel that you got when you entered the classroom. the daily gymnastics, and the independence that was given to the each child. I would highly recommend this program."


"Even after moving an additional 20 minutes away, with another Montessori school right at the end of our new street, it has been worth it for our family to continue sending our child (soon to be both children) to Norwood Montessori School. For me, one of the greatest feelings is to be able to leave my child with people whom I can trust completely. Over the years, I have seen that the teachers at NMS take the growth of the whole child into consideration as they help guide his or her academic and social/emotional development. Norwood Montessori School is a true hidden gem!"

Norwood Montessori Mom

"We are very grateful for what Norwood Montessori has done for our child. He went from being shy to outgoing. It has been with the help of Montessori’s unique method of teaching that he has been able to come out of his shell. Thank you Norwood Montessori."

Proud Parents

"We started seeing progress since the first month. There was an initial worry that he wouldn’t be ready for kindergarten and now he is. With all the academic pressure put on children these days we were very concerned. One aspect I truly appreciate from this school is that they respect each child for whom he or she is and there are no labels."

"I love the atmosphere and education style. While playing they learn so much" - Alka S.

"We love it here!" - Kristin M. 

"I really like that everyone is doing what they want at their own pace,  but there is no running around or loud playing. It is a learning environment but more relaxed and comfortable" - Cheryl B. 

  "I like the "respect" atmosphere, where teacher and students work TOGETHER." - Tracy D. 

"The classroom setting is very calming. The children work independently, but also together. The teachers travel from group to group, but let the children discover on their own." - Sandra K. 

"The classroom allows for individual growth and development in a peaceful learning environment.  All the teachers are kind and helpful.  Both our sons have excelled in this classroom.  Our older son will be so well prepared for 1st grade next year!  We couldn't be happier." - Mirliani Family

"Children are very engaged and happy. Lots of one on one attention." – Cotman Family

"The students are very helpful to each other and are very sharp which shows that they are getting excellent attention from their teachers. The atmosphere is completely different from other preschools. The curriculum is excellent!" – Lakshmi

A very caring and warm environment where my daughter thrived! – McGillicuddy Family

"Warm, educational, child-centered environment." – Rogers Family

“This is the best school EVER!" – Lindsay – a child

"The atmosphere of the school is very impressive and the staff are very informative and cheerful. Best environment for a child’s overall progress." – Shilpa T